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This digital copy of the OUROBOROS graphic novel contains every page that the physical copy does. It will be sent to the customer via e-mail in the form of a PDF. Perfect for anyone who prefers to read on electronic devices or international customers.

3 full comic issues. 1 bonus comic. 7 illustrations. Bios on all characters. All spread over the course of 100 pages, creating the ultimate OUROBOROS collection.

Story Description: The human race has finally broken through the 4th dimension. A brilliant scientist has chosen a protege to master his latest invention--- A time machine that allows him to see his entire life at once.

The only catch, if he uses it too many times he gets short term amnesia. What happens when he wakes up in a new time with no memory of why he’s traveled there?

Join our heroes on a journey through memory and time, and experience life where time is under man’s control..

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